By now you are well aware of the housing shortage that Rochester is facing. Between my bi-monthly newsletters, the local and national media coverage, and seeing open house lines down the street, I'm sure you know how few houses there are to purchase. To say there is extreme competition is an understatement; this past week alone I witnessed a house sell for $100,000 over asking - cash with no contingencies!!! Of course this is an extreme example, nevertheless, if you are hoping to purchase, be prepared to offer over asking and possibly waive your inspection contingency.


For Sellers: The time is now! What we are seeing is unprecedented and long term market conditions are uncertain. If you are on the fence about selling your home, let's have a conversation.


For Buyers: So far this year, I have successfully won almost all of the offers I have written on behalf of my buyer clients. There are many ways to set yourself apart from the pack, but it starts with having a professional by your side. My relationships inside the industry are a great asset - but more importantly, having someone who understandshow to make competitive offer situation a win-win for the buyer and seller will make the difference between you purchasing your dream home versus the other 20 buyers who are bidding over the asking price.


On a lighter and more personal note, I want to congratulate and welcome my amazing wife, Erin, to the industry. She has recently earned her license and will be bringing all of her wonderful talents to serve the Rochester real estate community. If you have been fortunate enough to know with Erin, professionally or personally, you know that Rochester better WATCH OUT!!! I know who I am choosing to sell my house!


As always, we wish you and your loved ones all the best. And we look forward to continuing to serve you in managing your greatest asset.


- David and Erin Rossi