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April 24, 2020

Staying Connected During Difficult Times

I hope this post finds you and your loved ones in good spirits.  As we have all navigated the past several months, there has been no shortage of stress and anxiety, fear and anger, and sadness and frustration.  Our hearts and prayers go out to our friends and family who have dealt with feelings of isolation, economic hardship, or the loss of a loved one during this pandemic.  My sincere hope is that over the past weeks you have been given the opportunity to spend some extra time playing with your kids, working on that house project that was getting put off, and that you've been able to take advantage of the occasional warm spring day.  No matter what, I CANNOT stress enough that if there is something you need, please do not hesitate to reach out to Erin or myself - we are committed to serving our community and that is more important now than ever before.

As the coronavirus continues to impact all aspects of our lives, the real estate industry has no doubt been adapting to changes as well.  At NORCHAR, we have been embracing new technologies such as 3D-virtual tours for many years.  These tools suddenly have added relevance and it has been interesting to watch others in the industry try to catch up with our tech-forward philosophy.  The biggest change and challenge for me personally has been losing the in-person, face-to-face interaction which I so much enjoy.  It's always been very convenient to use technology when appropriate.  However, there are moments I am missing greatly, such as watching a buyer's children pick out which bedroom will belong to them in a moment of excitement when we have found them "THE" house.


Believe it or not there is some good news in the economic and housing forecast.  According to Business Insider and Redfin, Rochester's housing market is ranked the #1 most resilient in the country.  When it comes to seeing an economic downturn affecting our housing market we expect any decline to be short lived and that we will bounce back quickly.  Undoubtedly there will be a surge of new listings and activity as soon as some restrictions are lifted.


Please take the time to stay connected to one another during these trying times.  Be safe, stay healthy, take care of one another - and please, don't be a stranger!


- David and Erin Rossi

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March 3, 2020

Is It a Crisis?



By now you are well aware of the housing shortage that Rochester is facing. Between my bi-monthly newsletters, the local and national media coverage, and seeing open house lines down the street, I'm sure you know how few houses there are to purchase. To say there is extreme competition is an understatement; this past week alone I witnessed a house sell for $100,000 over asking - cash with no contingencies!!! Of course this is an extreme example, nevertheless, if you are hoping to purchase, be prepared to offer over asking and possibly waive your inspection contingency.


For Sellers: The time is now! What we are seeing is unprecedented and long term market conditions are uncertain. If you are on the fence about selling your home, let's have a conversation.


For Buyers: So far this year, I have successfully won almost all of the offers I have written on behalf of my buyer clients. There are many ways to set yourself apart from the pack, but it starts with having a professional by your side. My relationships inside the industry are a great asset - but more importantly, having someone who understandshow to make competitive offer situation a win-win for the buyer and seller will make the difference between you purchasing your dream home versus the other 20 buyers who are bidding over the asking price.


On a lighter and more personal note, I want to congratulate and welcome my amazing wife, Erin, to the industry. She has recently earned her license and will be bringing all of her wonderful talents to serve the Rochester real estate community. If you have been fortunate enough to know with Erin, professionally or personally, you know that Rochester better WATCH OUT!!! I know who I am choosing to sell my house!


As always, we wish you and your loved ones all the best. And we look forward to continuing to serve you in managing your greatest asset.


- David and Erin Rossi

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Jan. 7, 2020

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Rossi Family! I hope you had a joyous holiday season and are as excited about 2020 as I am!


Reflecting on the past decade truly brings so much gratitude to those who have helped to support me both personally and professionally. When I decided to become a real estate agent there were so many questions about what the future would bring. Changing careers always has a degree of uncertainty that comes with it ... real estate is certainly no exception. Several years later, I consider myself blessed to have the business, and more importantly, the client support that you have given me.


I am reminded how truly grateful I am to be able to help families make some of the most important decisions of their financial life. The homes we live in is such a personal journey; the trust you have given me is a privilege I do not take lightly. For me, getting to know so many of you on a personal level is really an honor and without a doubt the best part of this business.

If you or anyone you know have any real estate goals for 2020, I would love to have a conversation about what I can do to help you achieve those goals.


Cheers to the next year of adventure,


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Nov. 9, 2019

Seasons Greetings

Season's greetings! I truly hope your family has had a bountiful fall, and a happy Thanksgiving!


As we prepare to wrap up 2019, I would like to leave you with some final thoughts if you are contemplating a move in the coming months:


If you are considering a purchase, there are a myriad of reasons to start planning now. Preparing for the possibility of an economic shift in 2020, I would encourage you to take advantage of the historically low interest rates we are still enjoying. Also, houses are being listed at an above average rate for this time of year - there are plenty of great houses on the market right now. Perhaps most importantly, this is a great opportunity to avoid competing against buyers who are willing to do anything to have their offer accepted in the spring market.  If you truly want to negotiate the best price possible, now is the perfect time!


If you are thinking about selling, with the help of a great marketing plan and a stellar real estate agent, this winter can be a great time to list. Buyers who are out shopping the winter time are extremely motivated, and there is more market activity during Q1 than the end of summer (e.g. August). If you are unsure about listing your home during the winter, please contact me so we can formulate the best strategy and timetable for your unique property.


As always, it is a pleasure sending you this magazine. If you enjoy receiving this publication, please let me know what you like about it.


Happy New Year from the Rossi Family to yours,



"When you treat people like family, family becomes your business."

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Sept. 17, 2019

Thank You For Your Continuing Support

Please accept my sincere thanks to all of my clients who have trusted me in helping you achieve your real estate goals. Thanks for helping me have a good year. As always, I am never too busy to make your referrals my top priority!


As summer winds down and we prepare for a beautiful fall, I have been reflecting upon the previous year. August marks the yearly anniversary of when I started practicing real estate. With your help, I have been able to grow my business three hundred percent over the last 12 months! This is remarkable growth, for which I am truly grateful for your business and support.

Over the past year, the fall, winter, and spring markets were all very strong, seeing many closed transactions despite the competitive buying climate. In my experience, August is typically the slowest time of year for real estate as families, teachers, and administrators prepare for the fall semester, and many of us take our final summer vacations. It is no surprise then, that Erin and I decided to tie the knot at the end of August over Labor Day weekend. Talk about ending the summer with a BANG!!!


With the festivities behind us, I am excited to put my primary focus back on helping families and individuals find homes that suit their lifestyle and needs - but more importantly, serving my friends, family, and community.





"When you treat people like family, family becomes your business."

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July 9, 2019

First American Lifestyle Publication

Welcome to the first edition of my American Lifestyle magazine, and thank you for your continued support through business and referrals!


I would like to use this publication as a vehicle to keep you up to date with real estate happenings in the Rochester, NY area. Inside the back cover I have compiled the latest market data. If you are a potential first-time homebuyer, planning to up-size or down-size, or you just want to keep track of your current investment, please feel free to use me as a resource. I am NEVER too busy to help!

The most frequent question I am asked is: "I heard Rochester is a sellers market ... is that true?" YES. Over the past several years we have experienced historically low inventory. With friendly interest rates and a variety of programs to help buyers qualify for home loans, the demand for available homes is extraordinarily competitive. As a result, we have seen a decline in the number of real estate transactions overall, but a dramatic increase in average sales price.


This isn't without a few caveats. Several sub-markets in Rochester are still showing real competition for buyers. Representing a high-end home builder in the Pittsford area over the last year and a half, and listing privately owned residences over the $500,000 price point, I have become intimately familiar with the luxury home market. It is more crucial than ever to develop a creative lifestyle marketing and pricing strategy that is unique and perfect for each property.


This ultra-competitive climate has had a dramatic impact on the way homes are being listed and negotiated. It is increasingly important that you work with a Realtor who is experienced with handling multiple offer negotiations when buying, and knowing how to maximize your proceeds when selling.

I hope you will enjoy receiving this magazine periodically and that you will allow me to continue to provide great service to you in the future. Please feel free to share this issue with friends and colleagues; I would love to hear what you think of the magazine, as well.


Thank you again for always keeping me in mind.

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April 20, 2019

9 Reasons to Sell Your Rochester Home in 2019

Real estate has been in a hot seller's market in Rochester, NY for several years now - but as you've probably heard, the market is shifting toward more of a balanced or even a buyer's market. Home prices are plateauing in most areas, which might feel a little nerve-wracking to sellers who haven't been able to sell yet (for one reason or another) or homeowners who are thinking about putting their property on the market in 2019.

Will this year be a good one for sellers? We might not be experiencing as many multiple offers or over-asking-price sales as we did in recent years, but that doesn't mean it's a bad time to sell a house. In fact, there are still several reasons why 2019 is going to be a good year to put a house on the market ... and will almost certainly be better than waiting until 2020 to sell.

Inventory is still low

When you hear economists or real estate professionals talk about inventory, they're referring to housing inventory -- in other words, the number of homes that are on the market. And in most parts of the country, especially for homes in a certain tier or price range, housing inventory is still pretty low for a number of obvious reasons. As millennials have reached home-buying age and gone through certain life milestones, such as getting married and having kids, more of them have become interested in buying a home, but unless they're in the market for a luxury home (which is pretty unlikely for the majority of first-time homebuyers), there just aren't that many entry-level or even mid-level homes to go around.

There are a number of factors contributing to this supply-and-demand imbalance. One is the simple cost of building a home: Regulations have increased in many Rochester towns, making it more expensive for developers to build homes, especially single-family homes. The increased cost of materials and shortage of skilled labor has also made homebuilding a more expensive endeavor, and even the cost of land has increased in many areas. As a result, many developers have been focused on high-return projects, such as luxury homes or multifamily construction (apartment buildings or condos), and there haven't been many brand-new single-family homes built that are in the entry-level or mid-level range. And a lot of the single-family housing stock was bought by investors during the Great Recession, who are renting those homes out and have no intention of selling while the rental market remains strong.

So if you happen to own one of those entry-level or mid-level homes and you're thinking about selling, this could be the perfect year for you to finally do it.

There are lots of qualified buyers seeking homes

Millennials comprise a giant demographic group in the United States -- by some calculations, they outnumber baby boomers. As this population group gets older and obtains more work experience, a lot of its members are becoming ready (or have been ready) to get their feet on the property ladder and buy a house. Many millennials have now been in the workforce for long enough to have advanced their careers and start earning more money; they have stable jobs and are getting married, having kids, and adopting pets, which all point toward the desire to own a home of their own.

Those buyers haven't all been able to take advantage of the housing market for one reason or another, but the combination of more robust employment and rising wages means that quite a few of them are now able to actually consider saving up that down payment and buying a house of their own. And millennials are far from the only generation interested in buying houses. The number of buyers who are ready and able to purchase a home hasn't really decreased, even though affordability has been a problem in some parts of the country. So there is a market for your home, especially if it's an entry-level or mid-level property, which are especially in demand in most of the United States.

Interest rates are still pretty low

We've been spoiled by a stretch of historically low interest rates over the past few years, so it's not surprising that some sellers might think a 5% or 4% mortgage interest rate is unreasonably high, especially if you need to finance your own home purchase after you sell. But if you're downsizing -- and even if you're not -- interest rates are still undeniably reasonable, especially compared to some of the double-digit interest rates we saw in the past. There's no way to predict the future, but most economists think that interest rates are going to continue to rise (slowly), so if you're thinking about financing a home purchase, the time really is now to go ahead and do it.

If you're unsure about what rising interest rates might mean for your own home purchase affordability, talk to a mortgage broker about it (I am more than willing to refer you to some amazing lenders). But just know that there are lots of buyers who are still keen to own property, and if rates go up, there will be fewer of them; the time to sell is now if it's been on your mind.

You probably have decent equity

Depending on how long you've owned your house, with the way home values have been rising in the past 18 to 24 months, you've probably got a good amount of equity built up in your house. Your equity will depend on more factors, of course, including the size of your original down payment and how much of your mortgage loan's principal has been paid off since you bought the house, but if you've lived in your house for more than two years, you can avoid capital gains taxes and get all that equity back when the property sells.

This means you'll probably be able to afford a bigger down payment on a larger home -- or possibly pay for a downsized home outright, or with a much smaller loan than you currently have. Either way, your equity can be leveraged to get you into a homeownership situation that just might fit your current lifestyle better, and you want to take advantage of that before home values start to fall (which isn't very likely to happen, at least not at a fast rate, in 2019 in most parts of the country).

Sooner is better than later

You've probably already heard that the housing market is cyclical, and so is the economy. Both have been on an upswing for the past several years, but as the adages go, "nothing lasts forever," and "what goes up must come down." That said, most experts predict that the next recession is more likely to start in 2020 than in 2019, which means you still have time to think about selling before the recession starts ... but maybe not as much time as you thought (or hoped).

Selling a home in a recession is a whole different ballgame than trying to sell in a more balanced market -- recessions definitely favor buyers, and there might be a supply and demand problem in the other direction, with more homes for sale than there are qualified buyers to purchase them. Even though we're probably out of the heyday of a seller's market in most of the country, the market is still balanced enough that you won't be facing the realities of a buyer's market: Price reduction after price reduction, added incentive, and lots of time on the market when you'd really rather the sale be over with.

Home prices aren't falling steeply -- or at all (yet)

When you read a news story that says the housing market is softening, it's easy to interpret that as "home prices are falling" -- but that isn't actually true, at least not right now. What it really means is that the price growth we've been experiencing year-over-year is slowing down in most areas; home prices are still increasing compared to the same time last year, but they're just not growing quite as fast as they did last year or the year before.

As a seller, you still have time to take advantage of the robust housing market before prices start to truly plateau and even fall, which could happen if there's a recession looming. Even though you might not be in a market that entices buyers to make multiple offers and gets your home sold over asking price, you can still get a very good price for your property if you act sooner rather than later.

The strong spring market is on the horizon

One of the best times of year to sell a home is in the springtime, when families have the ability to plan a move and get the kids set up in school. If you're thinking about putting your own home on the market, then springtime is an ideal time (or as close as possible to ideal) as you can get, and you've still got time to take advantage of it. Selling a house takes a lot of preparation and work, from cleaning and staging and planning open houses and taking photos to making minor or even major repairs, but if you'd like to list in the spring, there's enough time to do it -- and do it right -- if you start taking action now.

Employment still looks good

One major factor that boosts the housing market is employment, which is in a very strong place and has been for some time. Strong employment means that there are more qualified buyers who are interested in purchasing homes sooner rather than later, and while it remains strong, sellers should have plenty of options (especially at the entry-level and mid-level housing segments) to find the right person with the right offer to buy their home.

A recession could, of course, flip the employment market upside-down, which is never good for sellers. Paying attention to employment is a smart move for sellers who want to make sure they're on the right side of the market, and while it's robust, homeowners who are seriously considering selling should take a sooner-than-later approach to their decision-making about listing their property.

The economy is still robust

Even though the stock market isn't always entirely stable, for the most part, the economy has been growing in the United States. Once again, most experts don't anticipate that this growth will last forever, but while it does, markets that comprise the economy as a whole -- including the housing market -- are in good shape. And markets that support the housing market, such as the job or employment market, are also in good shape.

There's a lot of uncertainty about what's going to happen in the next 12 months and whether it will be good or bad for the economy, and we're unlikely to see immediate effects either way ... but those effects will come home to roost at some point.

If you're a homeowner who's got some equity to leverage and you're thinking about selling, talk to a real estate agent about whether it makes sense for you to list your house in 2019. Even though we're not in a as robust a seller's market as we were, it might make perfect sense for you to put your house on the market today.


Thanks for reading, I hope this has given you some insights if you are thinking about selling.  And please remember, I am never too busy to help you or your friends or family.

All the best,


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July 31, 2017

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Get Local Market Reports Sent Directly to You

You can sign up here to receive your own market report, delivered as often as you like! It contains current information on pending, active and just sold properties so you can see actual homes in your neighborhood. You can review your area on a larger scale, as well, by refining your search to include properties across the city or county. As you notice price and size trends, please contact us for clarification or to have any questions answered.

We can definitely fill you in on details that are not listed on the report and help you determine the best home for you. If you are wondering if now is the time to sell, please try out our INSTANT home value tool. You’ll get an estimate on the value of your property in today’s market. Either way, we hope to hear from you soon as you get to know our neighborhoods and local real estate market better.

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