Season's greetings! I truly hope your family has had a bountiful fall, and a happy Thanksgiving!


As we prepare to wrap up 2019, I would like to leave you with some final thoughts if you are contemplating a move in the coming months:


If you are considering a purchase, there are a myriad of reasons to start planning now. Preparing for the possibility of an economic shift in 2020, I would encourage you to take advantage of the historically low interest rates we are still enjoying. Also, houses are being listed at an above average rate for this time of year - there are plenty of great houses on the market right now. Perhaps most importantly, this is a great opportunity to avoid competing against buyers who are willing to do anything to have their offer accepted in the spring market.  If you truly want to negotiate the best price possible, now is the perfect time!


If you are thinking about selling, with the help of a great marketing plan and a stellar real estate agent, this winter can be a great time to list. Buyers who are out shopping the winter time are extremely motivated, and there is more market activity during Q1 than the end of summer (e.g. August). If you are unsure about listing your home during the winter, please contact me so we can formulate the best strategy and timetable for your unique property.


As always, it is a pleasure sending you this magazine. If you enjoy receiving this publication, please let me know what you like about it.


Happy New Year from the Rossi Family to yours,



"When you treat people like family, family becomes your business."